A Conversation With Gregory Peck

I just found this on YouTube and I've been eagerly making my way through it, bit by bit. What a kind, modest, decent, extremely gentlemanly human being! I have been a Gregory Peck fan since I first watched Roman Holiday at least five years ago. I admired his looks, his manner and his acting ability. But now...now you get to meet the soul of the man, which is just as wonderful! He has just shot volumes high in my estimation of him. Why can't every actor be like Gregory Peck? Why do people today put up with all these classless vagrants pervading movie screens with their entitlement personalities? Why cannot celebrities today recognize that theirs is a high and enviable place, and that millions of people look up to them for standards of behavior, dress and personal appearance? Why can't they take advantage of that fact, using it for good?


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