the Best of the Colgate Comedy Hour: Sketch Two

Sketch Number Two is, naturally, not quite as funny as Sketch Number One (and by quite I mean the eensiest, tiniest bit). But it came in extremely close.

Sketch Number Two: the Photographer
Air Date: March 23, 1952 (almost sixty years ago!)

Again, more hilarious ad-libs, particularly Jerry's, "They spend $300,00 for a program and they couldn't put Coke in here!". The reason this sketch doesn't place first is because it has less mess-ups. However, Jerry breaks the fourth wall ("Look, I'll hit the buildings!") so many times...that really ups the ante.  One quibble I have with the writing--the individual gags they have are all great & funny but strung together, they don't exactly hang straight...at least, suffice it to say, the first half of the sketch has better writing. It starts out with a bang but fails to pick back up and the ending feels rather lackluster...at least compared to the Milkshake sketch, which kept building and building to the last hilarious finish.
However, I laughed so hard at the Ovaltone bit, that really redeemed the second half....it's made me really curious though. What exactly were they drinking?

Ad-Libs/Mess-Ups -- 10 out of 10
Fourth-Wall-Breakings -- 8 out of 10
Wittiness (Good Writing) -- 8 out of 10
Overall Rating -- 8.6 out of 10

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