Has Anyone Noticed...

...that in the final scenes of Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961), as Audrey is walking down the alley there is a poster for Jerry Lewis's 1960 movie, Visit To a Small Planet (which, coincidentally, I just watched the other day)? By 1961, both Audrey and Jerry were two of Paramount's biggest stars.

Check it out. Skip to 4:41 and look very, veeerryy carefully behind Audrey, on the wall.


  1. How neat! That was my first Jerry movie I saw - the start of a new obsession. ;)

  2. Are you serious? That is so cool! The first one I ever saw was You're Never Too Young.

  3. Good eye! Don't remember what Jerry Lewis movie was my first, but have always loved "The Nutty Professor" (of course)...