Ginger is feeding Frank Sinatra some of her birthday cake
My second favorite leading lady and my dancing role model--turning 100 this year and still a (fairly) household name, testament to her longevity, popularity, and skill. Ginger is exactly what her name personifies: spunkiness & vigor, comedic kookiness while still being beautiful and dignified. The contrasts are fascinating. I like her best with auburn hair.

My Favorite Ginger Movies:
Vivacious Lady (1938) with Jimmy Stewart
I love this movie. Sweet and funny and very, very romantic--with one of my favorite pairings ever. Jimmy and Ginger have such obvious chemistry.

the Major and the Minor (1942)
I love this movie too. Absolutely hilarious and quite romantic. Ginger is surprisingly convincing (in most scenes) as a twelve-year-old girl.

And she's reliably entertaining in her numerous movie dance scenes...this one is my favorite:

And just for fun, a list of things that are also turning 100 this year.

the Rolls Royce Mascot
processed cheese
the Titanic
the Winter Garden Theatre (Broadway)


  1. Ginger was such an amazingly talented gal...she could do it all---drama, comedy, musicals.

    I totally adore The Major and the Minor. And Vivacious Lady is fabulous..LOVE her and Jimmy together. I haven't seen that one in a year or so. I think it's time for a re-watch.

    My favorite Ginger film is I'll Be Seeing You. That is one of the ones I'll be watching for her birthday celebration.

  2. Great blog post, she was totally amazing! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GINGER!!


  3. Circumstances prevent me from being able to watch many of these, but I appreciate being able to read about them on such an informative blog.