Jerry = <3

My all-time favorite comedian, actor, singer, dancer, writer, director, professor, philanthropist and inventor is turning eighty-five today!! Yippee! All I can say is, thank you Jerry, for the tremendous amount of joy and laughter and entertainment you have brought to my life.

 Jerry with wife Patti

I greatly admire Jerry for his experience--in every entertainment medium there is. Nightclubs, motion pictures, television, Broadway...as an actor, writer, director, comedian, dancer, singer, and inventor...he's done everything! It boggles the mind.  I've been a Jerry fan (or Dean & Jerry fan, as it were) for only six months, but oh boy what a six months! "Oh, I'm being carried away, I love him so....!"

Doesn't he look dashing in his newsboy cap?

Oh, by the way, Copyright Police, the pictures in this post are...NOT MINE!

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