the Ox-Bow Incident (1943)


*Henry Fonda was incredibly handsome as a young man. I've never liked him. But his voice is oddly comforting.

*There's Henry-Harry-Morgan. Is he in, like every movie ever made? He can never decide how to credit himself so I just call him Henry-Harry-Morgan. That, or Nostril Morgan. Because let's face it, those suckers are BIG. Not that it looks unattractive, by any means...

*I love Dana with wavy hair. LOVE LOVE LOVE. It's so light and fluffy. Pity he couldn't use his natural hair all the time.

*Anyone who thinks Dana is a stonefaced mumbling actor has obviously never seen this film. Anyone who thinks he's incapable of range needs to watch this and then Laura (and then the Best Years of Our Lives, for good measure).

*His breakout role, and no wonder. What a performance! Why was he not at least nominated for Supporting Actor? Ugh. Dana's crying and now I'm crying.

*Love the beginning theme music, with the chorale and the preacher. Very soulful. I also liked that the preacher was African American, and although he talked with the "dialect" given to all African American roles at the time (or so it seems) the inclusion of him as the voice of conscience is very unusual.

*After watching the ending, this film is really starting to remind me of Mister Roberts, another Fonda flick. Only Jack Lemmon was the breakout role in that performance. He actually won the Oscar. 

* The whole subplot with the girl seemed pretty superfluous. Whatever.

*And were we never told how Kincaid was hurt? What was up with that? Am I missing something here?

*Headcanon: Henry Fonda's character ends up marrying Donald Martin's wife and Henry-Harry-Morgan stays on as cowhand.

*This film isn't very long, but it packs a punch. I think it's probably one of the few motion pictures ever that deserves a remake. The issues brought up in the film are still applicable today, I feel. And they need to be brought to a new audience; unfortunately this movie isn't very well known. I have no idea who would star in it though. Despite the fact that Henry Fonda got top billing, his character isn't really the main character--there are no main characters--and his character is a very slack protagonist too. He sort of blends in during the middle of the film and pops back out at the end.

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