Colgate Comedy Hour News!

Well, guess what! The Colgate Comedy Hour--my favorite television show--will be coming once again to DVD, this time in a restored format! Hopefully this means that all the fuzzy pictures will finally be cleared up. It would be nice if they could do something with the sound too, but unfortunately the show was badly miked from the start and I don't think there's much they can do about that. (*Jerry voice* But you never can tell! :D)

I was also hoping this meant that maybe, just maybe, we'd get full episode releases this time--all the episodes (I mean, the Dean and Jerry important ones), with all the songs, and all the commercials, and all the sketches, all at once! (A making-of documentary wouldn't be too bad either, I mean, this was one of the first television shows, not to mention one of the first variety shows, not to mention a variety show that actually beat Ed Sullivan in the ratings! I know, I ask too much.) I guess we'll just have to wait and see...

Also being released is Jerry's TV version of the Jazz Singer (1959), his first piece of dramatic work, which I think he did an amazing job with (it doesn't hurt that the female lead is played by none other than my favorite, Anna Maria Alberghetti, and that her name in the picture is Virginia! :D). Definitely going on the wish list.

In other news, the Copacabana--where Dean & Jerry opened to rabid crowds in 1949 and closed to devastated ones in 1956--is reopening tonight, in its new location in Times Square. Interesting.


  1. Whoohoo! I Love the Colgate Comedy Hour. Funniest live tv I've ever seen. It would be awesome if they actually released some sort of documentary about it. I've also never heard of Jerry's Jazz Singer. I must go find it now...
    And reopening of the Copa? Wow!

  2. I know, I think it's WAAAAY better than SNL!

    There are some fuzzy clips posted on YouTube, but you can watch the entire Jazz Singer here:

    Scroll down to "Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis".