Although he passed away last September, I would like to wish Tony Curtis a very happy birthday on behalf of fans everywhere...lol.

I first saw Tony in Operation Petticoat (1959) starring opposite his idol, Cary Grant. I couldn't believe his eyelashes (Tony's, not Cary's). I never had a crush on Tony myself--he's too much of a pretty boy for my taste--but I definitely enjoyed his presence in several movies, among them Some Like It Hot (1959), the Great Race (1965) (once again with Jack Lemmon), and his cute little cameo as Maurice in Paris When it Sizzles. He has a great capacity for comedy, particularly the straight-faced kind. Let me tell you though, I was shocked, after reading his bio, to discover that he was in fact Jewish. (With all that black hair and those eyelashes, which my mother always insisted were fake {silly mother!}plus his stage name Tony, I thought he was Italian! Oy vey and my bad.) So happy birthday to the one and only, Bernie Schwartz. *applause*

Jerry Lewis Connection (because I have to drag Jerry into everything, you know that): Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh were best friends with Dean & Jerry and their families, particularly the Lewises. Janet starred in a film with Dean & Jerry (and later, she & Tony each made a film with Jerry) and they all made home movies together, complete with real premieres to which the prominent studio heads at Paramount were invited. Tony & Janet even made a guest appearance or two on the Colgate Comedy Hour.

And because his picture made me think of it:

 Tony and Elvis--long lost twins.

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