Or as most people know him, JIMMY STEWART!!!!!!!!!!!! (you always have to type his name in all caps)

I just cannot say enough good things about him. He is one of my favorite stars. Actually right now I think he's my favorite, currently outclassing both Jack Lemmon and Gregory Peck, but that may just be because I'm on a Jimmy Stewart movie kick. *sigh*

Mr. Stewart is the epitome of...of...well....of common decency, really. A trait I highly admire. Not to mention he's a darn good actor (and a very...dare I say it...sexy actor), and one you can really relate to as a human being. Plus, he has that all-important real-life factor: he's as nice in real life as you see him on the screen! All of my favorite actors & actresses are that way; that's part of what make them my favorites. James was a highly moral person; he's my ideal man *gushes*. And he was so humble! I could go on for hours really, in my maddened fangurl-ness...but I think I'll let the clips below speak for themselves, as testament to his total awesomeness.  :D

He can play the piano! And the accordion!

"Wouldn't you just die?"  ROFL!

P.S. On my post title: In case you haven't heard the story, one sixteen-year-old fan wrote Jimmy during the late thirties that he was her favorite movie star because he was like "the boy next door". I thought it was a perfect description of him. ;)


  1. Yes, he's a class act all the way!!

  2. EEEH! He is absolutely adorable :D I FREAKIN LOVE HIM!!!!


  3. You have a great blog, i enjoy with it. Congratulations!

  4. Ginger, I loved your affectionate, enthusiastic blog post about the one and only JIMMY STEWART! :-) Talented, had great acting range, AND he was a nice guy -- what's not to love? Hope he's having a Happy Birthday in Movie Heaven@