the Best of the Colgate Comedy Hour: Sketch Four

And sketch number four is....the Wedding Detective!

Air Date: September 21, 1952

Skip to 20:52 for the beginning of the sketch.

I love this one because of the many ad-libs! At first glance it might not seem that funny but I found it gets more hilarious the more you watch it, because it takes a few viewings to actually understand! Or at least that was the case for me.

I love Jerry's little detective costume; again with the hats! He should wear them more. ;) Dean looks very handsome in his tux too; he reminds me of Michael Buble. The jokes are fast-flying and you have to catch them quick! Jerry and Dean were on a roll that night; you can tell they were enjoying themselves. Both of them were in Ad-Lib City. "Lemme rest awhile."  "All right, it must be the joke." "What, are you happy the joke wasn't funny? You think we gotta come up with them all the time? Ain't we entitled to louse one up here and there?!" "Those writers really put it in place!" "What is this, a puzzle?" They messed up so many times! Jerry even brings up a cue card for Dean to read. And of course the best adlib of the sketch, "I told 'em we shouldn't've opened the season!"

The writing was standard; nothing special but there were some funny bits; I especially loved the "Who's he calling a fink?!" joke for some odd reason. This sketch is full of fast-flying jokes and adlibs but it doesn't strike you as especially funny the first time and it's missing some unexplainable zing...compare it to the Soda Fountain sketch and you'll see what I mean. Still quite funny and the adlibs earn it Place Number Four.

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